DOA TWP40 - Water pump for testing pressure holding capacity on water networks


Product number: DOA TWP-40
Product information "DOA TWP40 - Water pump for testing pressure holding capacity on water networks"
TWP40 is a modern gasoline engine water pump with adjustable pressures up to 40 Bar and flow up to 60 L/min, pump is designed to make test and pressure drop related to time on new water networks. The pump characteristics and its versatility allow to perform the majority of test requested by the European norms. The construction quality, the rational position of components, the practical controls and regulation features makes its operations easy and intuitive to guarantee an use precise and problems free.

  • High quality two diaphragm pump and engine speed reductor
  • Water filter on suction line to prevent stone and particles to enter in pump
  • High quality water tank with large filler aperture for loading and cleaning
  • Quick bayonet tank connection for continuous refilling
  • Can run dry without damage
  • Stainless steel square tube frame

Technical specifications:

  • Engine: Briggs & Stratton 6 HP petrol
  • Start: pull starter
  • Water flow rate: max. 60 L / min, adjustable
  • Water pressure: max. 40 bar, adjustable
  • Water tank: 30 liters
  • Water pipe connection: 3/8 "BSP
  • Dimensions: 700x500x700 mm
  • Weight: 50 kg (unfilled)
DOA name comes from the initials of Dinamica Olio Acciai (Dynamic Oil and Steel), the acronym synthetize the type of our production, DOA is a company specialized in the production of portable hydraulic tools. In short our philosophy is innovative spirit, pursuit of quality and close collaboration whith the customers.
The DOA objective is to manufacture tools with superior characteristics that can guarantee the maximum of safty, productivity and improve the working conditions of the operators. Our staff is made up of the engineers with a passion of hydraulics and with consolidated experience in the engineering of power tools.
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